Athens Workers Launch Primary Care

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An Athens labour club (Nea Smyrni) has recently launched an initiative to provide free primary care and medication, primarily to unemployed and uninsured people in the area. The Medical House and Pharmacy, staffed by doctors, nurses and pharmacists, has been created following concerns with the attacks on public hospitals by Troika and the government, resulting in 3.5 million in the country suffering a ban from public hospitals and being forced to pay medical bills in their entirety, without access to a public insurance contribution. Further factors across the country include a rapid reduction in life expectancy, an enormous number of unvaccinated children and a rise of health conditions on the back of the crisis, including mental illness.

In response to the situation, and against concerns of the emergence of greater privatisation and devaluation of the health workforce, organisers intend for the initiative to work with the health professionals and resistance movements for a complete, quality, public and free medical care to all. An opening statement from the labour club further illustrates the interests behind the cause, stating:

“We do not provide “charity ” – as the perpetrators of the economic elite to their victims do – we are not “NGO” to manage with the support of government and capital the poverty that they created. In an era where “solidarity” is the new trend, we add the adjective “class” to be clear and precise: One for all, all for one, all together in the battle to overthrow!”

The Medical House and Pharmacy class solidarity is not accepting financial aid, grants or funds from the state, municipality, capital or media. The space is built upon responsibility and selfless offers of the workers and the unemployed in the city, and is being managed entirely by its open to all assembly as a structure to claim and gain free health for all the people. An invitation has been made for doctors, nurses and pharmacists in the region to come forward to assist in the function of the medical house and pharmacy; for those who can to provide extra medical supplies, and for donations to keep the space running.

In particular, those with the following medical specialistions are currently being sought: Pathologist, Cardiologists, Radiologist, Ophthalmologist, Orthopedist, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Dermatologist, Pulmonologist, Microbiologist, Anesthesiologist.

If you would like to support this initiative, please contact



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